Keep the Sabbath day Holy and God will cause you to rise upon the high places of the Earth


A famouse qoute, “what comes around goes around.” When it comes to negative most people want to jump on the band wagon. Very rarely do you ever hear someone say, “man they sure are doing some good stuff, “what goes around comes around,”People always say, “I just did it out of the kindness of myContinue reading “Expectations”


I sometimes forget that it takes courage to follow through on the things that God has allowed me to do. Example: It has been a few months since I have written in this blog, because I feel unworthy and feel like no one is listening. No matter what I have to remember God loves meContinue reading “Courage”

Don’t go Mad!

Don’t leave church because you are angry, the bible makes it very clear that bitterness is a God blocker! I went to West Rome Baptist Church after I got saved and left there within 11 months after going. It wasn’t anyone’s fault I just listen the the voices in my head that made it soundContinue reading “Don’t go Mad!”

Walking on Water

No matter what you go through you can walk on water! If you keep your eyes on Jesus you can always walk on water. There was a time when a insurance company called me up after a audit and said I owed them a lot of money and then another insurance company called me upContinue reading “Walking on Water”

Hold On

I have come to the conclusion if I just quit trying to figure it out, be patient and wait on God it will all work out. The problem is I don’t like the pain! I want the pain to go away so I try and find something on the outside of me to change theContinue reading “Hold On”

Nothing New

The year was 2011 we had just had the biggest financial crisis that directly had ever effected my life. The recession finally caught up with my company! I walked into my office every day and ask God to give us today our daily bread. We had absolutely no work! It wasn’t raining and there wasContinue reading “Nothing New”

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